REASONS TO BE UNSUCCESSFUL picks up right where Theresa's first show left off - moving to New York, her not-so okay cupid connections, terrible temp jobs, and nanny nightmares. She performed the show twice in NYC and in Cleveland.

Broadway World says the show "succeeds with heart, comedy, and midwestern charm." It's a "powerhouse act of spectacular belting, quirky humor, fearless vulnerability that both entertains and strikes that dormant part of us that has longed to start fresh but has been too intimidated to start." Read the full review here.

REASONS TO BE UNSUCCESSFUL is a unique blend of stand up comedy and pop/rock music. Her band includes Michael Hicks on keys, Brad Carbone on drums, Louis Tucci on bass and Paul Wyatt on guitar. They play hits from Queen, Pink Floyd, Survivor, Bobby Darin and more. The show is directed by David Bonanno.

Cool Cleveland says, "Cleveland native Theresa Kloos, like so many Clevelanders, is perfecting the art of humorous complaint. In “Reasons to Be Unsuccessful,” she kept her audience laughing as she offered wry takes on the “downs” attached to making a living as an actress in New York City.  Standup comedy isn’t easy, but in the pretty Kloos’s case she shows she’s got plenty of reasons to be successful." Read the full review here.


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BaldWin wallace Alumna Pairs Humor and Music in Successful Comedy Show
Interview with theresa kloos
by Kalie Anna Johnson

Kalie: Tell me a little about Reasons to be Unsuccessful. What was your goal of your show? How did the audience react? You're known for your interaction with music and specifically rock/pop within the audience. Can you tell me about this approach? Why incorporate music?

Theresa: A few years ago, while living in New York, I made it my New Year's resolution to perform stand-up comedy. After I began writing my own material, I decided I'd rather write a script, rehearse and perform my stories in the context of a one woman show with music. I studied Musical Theatre in college and have always been extremely passionate about music and singing.

I like using Pop/Rock music for my show (rather than musical theater) because it doesn't need to be taken out of the context of the show. I think audiences like hearing songs they know well but through the lens of the story I'm telling. For example, in my first show, I tell a story that when I was young, I thought I was supposed to marry my brother. Singing the Beach Boys "Wouldn't It Be Nice" while telling that story gives the lyrics a WHOLE new meaning. The twist in meaning becomes part of the comedy. Or singing "Like A Virgin" after telling the story of my first kiss. It heightens the moment and adds to it. I cheated a bit with this show though and used "I Have Confidence" from Sound of Music when I told stories of being a nanny in New York and "I Enjoy Being A Girl" from Flower Drum Song during stories of my awkward and angst filled youth.

The goal of the show is to make people laugh -- it's my favorite thing to do -- and I think audiences have a great time! I haven't seen or heard of another show that incorporates both stand up comedy and pop/rock music (with a live band) so I think audiences are both excited and surprised. Speaking of a live band, some of my very dear and very talented friends played for me. With my band onstage with me, we do some serious rocking. My friend Michael Hicks collaborated musically during the writing process to help me pick the right sections of songs and arrangements. Another good friend and very funny person, David Bonanno was my director. He and I collaborated on the script as well. Whatever made us laugh the most stayed in, otherwise, it got cut.

K: Amy Oestreicher wrote in a review , "Although this coming-of age story is one we've heard before, in REASONS TO BE UNSUCCESSFUL, Kloos is able to put a unique spin on it in. I came away with an appreciation of her powerhouse act of spectacular belting, quirky humor, fearless vulnerability that both entertains and strikes that dormant part of us that has longed to start fresh but has been too intimidated to start. What Kloos teaches us, however, is that the only "failure" is not starting at all. UNSUCCESSFUL succeeds with heart , comedy, and Midwestern charm." What is your reaction to this commentary?

T: I was really proud of that review. One of the best feelings is when you tell a joke for the first time and an audience laughs. Sometimes you make something and don't know what the reaction to it will be, so to do my show and get a great review gave me a feeling of success.

K: Do you have any events/shows coming up? What are your expectations for continuing in the comedy world? Aspirations/Expectations?

T: Next up will be my show in Cleveland so I'm currently planning that. I still need to get back to my New Year's resolution of doing stand up so that's also next. Now that I know my material works in front of an audience, I just need to tailor it for stand up. No expectations for the future other than to be in the cast of Saturday Night Live.

K: Comedic inspirations? Why do you look up to them or take influence from them?

T: I love Will Ferrell. He commits 100% to whatever character he's playing and comes from a place of complete honesty. He makes me laugh so hard. I'm also a big fan of self-deprecating humor (i.e. Amy Schumer). I like comedians who aren't afraid to tell embarrassing stories or talk about their flaws. It's what makes us human.

K: Can you tell me a little bit about Baldwin Wallace's role in your career? What was your experience like here? Anyone you would like to acknowledge? What year did you graduate/with what degree? What did you do after graduation?

T: I graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre. I loved my time at BW -- it was the first place where I felt I belonged. I made life long friends and found myself in many ways. Senior year I had to write and produce an hour long recital to perform in front of my family, friends and teachers. That experience gave me ownership of my work and gave me the experience to be able to write and produce my shows in New York. After graduation, I moved to New York and have been lucky enough to perform with some incredible companies in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. My family is still in Cleveland though, so it will always be home to me.